Dry Ice Blasting Will Keep Industrial Equipment Well-Maintained

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Industrial settings that are used to manufacture food-grade products require that machinery be sanitized regularly. Chemical cleaning processes can be time consuming and will necessitate the dismantling of equipment. Dry ice blasting is a thorough cleaning process that is environmentally-safe.

One Machine That Cleans Everything

When working with chemical sprays or powders, machinery should be well-vented and electrical equipment should be disengaged. Once chemicals have been administered, individual cleaning tools and water are needed to work the cleansers into crevices or across flat surfaces that have become contaminated. The entire cleaning process can be tedious and messy.

Dry ice blasting uses one machine and interchangeable spray tips. Since moisture does not come into contact with items that are being treated, wiring, cords, and other equipment that contains electrical components will not be at risk of damage.

Prep Steps And The Aftermath

A portable dry ice blasting unit contains a tank where ice pellets are held, a rubber hose, and a nozzle. Some equipment contains multiple tips. A narrow tip will administer pellets to crevices and a wider tip can be used to administer ice across flat and large surfaces.

During the cleaning process, an operator of the equipment will need to wear goggles and safety gloves. The nozzle that is used to apply ice pellets should always be aimed away from the face. Dry ice pellets sublimate on contact. This means that the solid ice pieces will turn into a gas.

The high rate of speed that pellets are administered at aids in the removal of surface stains and debris. Before any cleaning project is going to take place, a drop cloth or plastic sheeting should be secured to the flooring. The covering will collect any residue that is removed from the industrial equipment during the cleaning process. The dry ice will not leave any residue behind and surfaces that have been treated with dry ice will not need to be rinsed off.

Dry ice blasting can be performed indoors or outdoors. If there is equipment that runs hot and that tends to take a long time to cool down, there will be no need to wait for this to occur. Dry ice is non-flammable. Upon completing a project, the covering that was used to cover the flooring can be brought outdoors. If a covering is salvageable, it can be rinsed off. Otherwise, it can be thrown away with other industrial waste that is being disposed of.


30 August 2021

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