Ensuring Pipeline Integrity


The fluids that run quietly through your pipeline system will ultimately make it to the vehicles or homes of your clients. They must trust that you're delivering high-quality, pure products that won't interfere with their work or lives. As a pipeline manager, your task and professional burden is to ensure the integrity of the system. This isn't something you do alone, but you must oversee and delegate these tasks for quality control.

Checking Metering Stations

Every few miles, a system metering station outpost sits, sending bits of data to the main facility. The information sent is used for all kinds of other actions within the system, such as increasing or decreasing fluid flow. These stations will often send digital flags when there's a problem; however, problems can mean expending money and time that can be in short supply, particularly when client demand is higher than usual. That's why you need to investigate these stations much more frequently than you might be.

Meters at these stations will need to be recalibrated; months shouldn't pass before it occurs. Recalibration often increases reading accuracy; look at the readings after recalibration is done and you should see changes. Battery checks and changes will also need attention; failure to receive data could affect other pipeline areas, so functional batteries are vital.

Schedule Filter Changes

Filters aren't really of paramount importance to anyone until multiple readings show poor fluid quality. Your filters will many times reveal pipeline trouble before other components will. Worn filters, filters with metal shards in them, clogged filters, and ripped filters will tell a story about what's happening in the pipeline and what must change. For that reason, you shouldn't be changing them when there are clear signs of significant signs of actual damage; changes should be scheduled, and observations should be noted and read.

Monitor Seals

Seals can provide essential data. For example, if preservatives or additives have newly been introduced, seal degradation could signal more study is needed about whether those materials are appropriate for the pipeline. High temperatures could spur seal leaks along the system, and your staff may need to look for more ways to cool the pipeline. Frequent checks are vital.

Your care for the vast pipeline system you manage will improve functioning and calm clients. Clear-eyed monitoring of meter batteries, meters, seals, and filters will enable better pipeline integrity and higher quality fluids for every customer.


10 July 2018

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