How To Effectively Stretch Wrap A Pallet

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If you have pallets that you need to transport, one way to keep everything on the pallet safe while it is being transported is by using a pallet wrapper to stretch wrap the pallet. 

#1 Make Sure The Size Of The Pallet & Products Line Up

The best type of pallet to use for stretch wrapping is one that is almost the exact same size as the products that are stacked up on the pallet. You want the product or boxes to create a solid vertical layer with the pallet. You don't want sharp corners sticking out that could rip the stretch wrap you are going to put around your pallets. Having a pallet that is significantly wider on the bottom than the products on top could result in the stretch wrap getting ripped during transportation.

#2 Keep Products Tightly Together

As you load up the pallet, you are going to want to make sure that you keep everything tight and close together. You want the items or boxes to be placed as close to each other as possible and to be tightly packed together. This will prevent the items from moving around on the pallet while it is being transported.

#3 Have The Right Equipment

Although you can manually stretch wrap your pallet, that takes considerable time and physical effort in order to do. If you are going to need to stretch wrap pallets on a daily basis, you are going to want to invest in a pallet wrapping machine. This machine will reduce the physical labor involved in wrapping a pallet and will decrease the time that it takes to do so. Additionally, pallet wrapping machines tend to use less plastic than manually wrapping the pallet by hand. This will help reduce the creation of waste and allow you to get more out of each roll of industrial stretch wrap that you purchase. The right pallet wrapper can really pay off.

#4 Always Secure The Stretch Wrap To The Base

Make sure that the stretch wrap is always tied and secured around the base. This is a great way to ensure that the stretch wrap will not fall off as it is being transported at any point in time. As you start to wrap with your pallet wrapping machine, make sure that you start at the base so that you have a strong hold and then work your way up with the machine.

Finally, always test your wrapped pallet and make sure that the stretch wrap appears to be held firmly in place. Be sure to tuck the wrap when you tear it off the pallet wrapper under an edge of the pallet. 


25 January 2017

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